Hacking Summon 2.0

Supporting material for the Hacking Summon 2.0 The Elegant Way

  1. View your Summon config data.

  2. View the current Summon 2.0 AngularJS templates.

  3. View A formatted version of the current (2016/9/14) JS code.

  4. View .htaccess file needed to maintain test/empty/live version of file. This assumes that the Summon client interfaces points at widget2.0.js, but that the actual code sits in files defaultwidget2.0.js, testwidget2.0.js, and emptywidget2.0.js.

    You can create a user interface by copying (and then changing) this page

  5. Summon API Explorer. Use this to see what the Summon API response is that in the front end UI is available as the scope's document array property.